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Sep 10, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. baltimore city sheriff john anderson continues to rack up thousands of dollars in overtime expenses for his personal convenience. our i-team found out more. >> john anderson -- you can be forgiven for asking? he is not exactly a household name or in charge of the state or city. and yet the share of provide himself with executive -- sherriff provide himself with executive protection. it is apparently a perk that extends well beyond normal working hours. according to the city finance records, two share of sophist sergeants have racked up over time escorting sherriff anderson. one sergeant has been paid over $72,000 in overtime. the other has and paid $62,000. in addition, the two sergeants were holiday, which only added more cost to the executive protection bill. one of the deputies said the office is trying to cut down on the overtime expense by scheduling one of the drivers to an evening shift, so anderson can be transported around town at a lower cost. the deputies acknowledged the extent of the parks, telling us that the office make sure someone is with anderson at all times. executive pr
Sep 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in our newsroom. >> we have repeatedly tried to get john anderson to answer our questions without success. he has been in office since 1989 and he is seeking reelection next tuesday in a crowded field. he keeps a low profile but enjoys a perk usually attached to only the most high-profile positions. martin o'malley has it, so this stephanie rawlings blake, but john anderson, you can be forgiven for asking, who? he is not exactly a household name. yet, sheriff anderson provide himself with executive protection -- car and driver is paid for by taxpayers. these pictures were taken as he was picked up by the mitchell courthouse. this is apparently a perk that extends well beyond normal working hours. according to city finance workers, two sergeants racked up hundreds of hours and overtime since january of 2008 escorting sheriff anderson. between january 1st of 2008 and july 5th, 2010, one sergeant has been paid $70,000 in overtime. between january 1st, 2008 and july 14th, 2010, the other has been paid 62,000. in addition, they worked holidays escorting the sheriff which only added to more cos
Sep 29, 2010 1:00am EDT
's tomorrow night. right now, can't wait to hear the story about the guy in michigan, it's anderson cooper and "ac 360." anderson? >>> thanks, larry. thanks for joining us, everyone. picture this, you wake up one day and discover a public official is targeting you, he singled you out by name and set up a blog dedicated solely to making vicious allegations against you, calling you a nazi, all that for starters. weird thing is you don't even know the guy and you're not even out of college yet. sound like a nightmare? it's happening to a college student in michigan and tonight we confront the public official behind it. we're going to ask him, why this kid and how does he justify targeting him? also breaking news, growing concerns about a possible al qaeda commando attack with gunmen on city streets storming hotels, shooting anyone in their path. if you remember the attacks on mumbai, this would be the sequel. we've got the latest where officials fear it could happen and where the killers could be coming from. >>> and later the defense rested in the two men accused in the horrific home invasio
Sep 11, 2010 1:00am EDT
in an offer on this property? >> anderson, if you had been in new york and maybe you are in new york and you see what's going on in terms of what is happening with people, the hatred, the whole situation is just ready to blow up. and it's only going to get worse. i read an article in one of the newspapers yesterday that they were putting a price tag of $18 or $19 million on this building that they want to convert to a mosque. i said what's this all about? i thought they wanted to build a mosque. now i found out this man that has it, the developer, a low-level real estate guy without very much money and not enough money to build the mosque, as we understand it. i called him and i offered him the money that he paid for the facility, which is $4.8 million, plus a 25% profit, plus costs and lots of other things. and this would solve a very, very nasty problem. and he could go take the money, build it some place else, but a little bit further away than this particular site. and he was telling me what a great deal he made. he was telling me that the people were stupid that sold it to him for that
Sep 2, 2010 1:00am EDT
of "larry king live." thank you all. thank you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> larry: anderson cooper and >> larry: anderson cooper and "ac 360" is next. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news which will affect millions of people on the east coast this holiday weekend. hurricane earl upgraded to a category 4 storm, fast approaching the east coast. the national hurricane center says its direction is relentless. those were their words, with sustained winds nearly 135 miles an hour. look at that storm. the strength of that eye. a hurricane hunter recorded a wind gust above storm surface at 199 miles per hour. we're going to bring in chad myers in a moment. but take a look at this other image we've gotten of earl from the international space station. you can see the eye there in the center, right now about 500 miles south-southeast off north carolina. there are warnings and watches up and down the east coast of the united states and north carolina, mandatory evacuations have now been ordered in several communities, including hatteras is
Sep 29, 2010 2:00am EDT
. you're a state official, this is a college student. what are you doing? >> well, anderson, basically if you've been involved in political campaigns before, you know all sorts of stuff happens and this is just another tactic bringing awareness to what chris really stands for. >> this is not some national figure, this is a guy who's running a student council. >> well, anderson, as a private citizen and as a university of michigan alum, i care because this is my university, and i wasn't the only first person to criticize chris. in fact, long before i started the blog a couple of weeks before that, the alliance defense fund, a well-known legal christian foundation put out an alert about chris. so i'm not the only person that has criticized chris, and i'm not the first person to criticize chris. >> but you are the only person -- you are the only person running this blog which is putting nazi swastikas on this guy. you're a grown adult. does that seem appropriate to you? >> like i said, this is a political campaign. this is nothing personal against chris. i don't know chris -- >> what do y
Sep 30, 2010 1:00am EDT
" with some incredible stories. here's anderson cooper. >>> larry, thanks and thanks for watching everyone. tonight keeping them honest, the law enforcement official, an assistant attorney general targeting a college student in his spare time, singling out for a campaign of vitriol and online attacks. new developments tonight, and the same question people keep asking us, why hasn't his boss fired him? we'll put that question to his boss, the attorney general of michigan. >>> also tonight a bombshell campaign ad re-enacting a senator's visit with a prostitu prostitute. is it fair? is it true? we have the facts. >>> and later a rare sitdown with michael j. fox, his battle with parkinson's, what his days look like and what the future looks like in the battle against this killer disease. >>> we begin though tonight keeping them honest. one of the new developments in one of the oddest stories we have reported on in a long, long time. new calls tonight for an assistant attorney general of michigan to be fired. in a moment we're going to talk with his boss, the attorney general of michigan, to fi
Sep 19, 2010 10:00pm PDT
and annette anderson, who had joined christ community to be closer to god. but also to do the right thing for each other and their growing family. >> it seemed like a warm and welcoming place. >> annette and craig remember when they first move d there tht christ community church was a joyous place of music. ♪ >> even if somewhat off-key. a place of warmth, spirituality and family. >> we were having babies. we were having a lot of things in common at that time. and it filled a great thing right away. >> i'm going to preach but before we do that, i'm going to ask craig and annette anderson to come up with their children. >> the youth pastor, nick hackney, oversaw the church welcoming of annette and craig's new arrival, their daughter, grace, in 1997. >> this is a special morning, a special morning for me. this is my first solo baby dedication, and i am so excited that it would be grace. praise god. >> tell me about nick hackney. >> he was a really likeable guy, really nice, like a brother. and he seemed almost like a breath of fresh air in there, because he was real. he wasn't uptight. he
Sep 28, 2010 1:00am EDT
questions for them. "a c360" and anderson cooper, right now. anderson? >> larry thanks. thanks for watching. begin with breaking news. as you mentioned, president obama's right-hand man chief of stuff rahm emanuel all but certain to be stepping down. sources say he'll be running for mayor of chicago. got two of the best political team on television to talk about it, what it means for the white house. they will weigh in. also, politicians distorting the truth in hopes of winning your view. you'll see which politicians are playing fast and loose with the facts and how they selectively edit videotape in their commercials to do it. we're keeping them honest, a democrat and a republican. later, eddie bernice johnson, remember her, the democratic lawmaker who steered money that was supposed to help needy kids go to college, steered it into the pockets of her own relatives? she says she's taking responsibility but every time she talks about it she refuses to take the blame or even clearly explain what happened. she spoke about it again today, and her story this time is pretty
Sep 9, 2010 11:30pm EDT
. in baltimore city, sheriff john anderson continues to rack up costs for his security. >> martin o'malley has it, so does stephanie rawlings the lake, but john anderson, you can be forgiven for asking who? he is not a household name. he provide himself with executive protection, cars and drivers paid for by taxpayers. anderson was picked up that the mitchell courthouse, the location of the office. this extends well beyond normal hours. two sheriff's sgt have racked up hundreds of hours and overtime since january of 2008 escorting sheriff anderson. between january 1, 2008 and july, 2010, one sergeant has been paid $70,000 in overtime. the other has been paid $62,548. in addition, they worked holidays escorting the sheriff which only added more costs to his executive protection bill. one of his deputies told us that the office is trying to cut down on the over expense bite scheduling one of the drivers to an evening shift. the deputy has the knowledge to the extent of the perk telling us that the office makes sure that someone is with anderson at all time. the city's sheriff's office is not a 24 h
Aug 31, 2010 8:00pm EDT
standing by around the globe. joining us now from new york cnn's anderson cooper. anderson? >> wolf, here with me to watch president obama's address and discuss it is reporters overseas, and our own dr. sanjay gupta in pakistan tonight but has been to iraq numerous times. a critical moment for the president. what happens in iraq and afghanistan, iran and the middle east? we'll talk about that all ahead. >> this is a dramatic moment, anderson, for the president of the united states. he won't only speak about iraq, he'll make the transition, address the war in afghanistan as well and then he'll wind up with issue number one for most americans right now, not the war in iraq, not the war in afghanistan but the war here at home on the economy, the loss of jobs the president will make the connection between jobs, the economy, what's going on in the war. he has a lot to address. he's in the oval office now getting ready to address the american people from that venue only the second time since he took office about a year and a half ago. here is the president. >>> good evening. tonight i'd like to
Sep 21, 2010 2:00am EDT
. tonight he joins us from middletown, delaware. gary, did she talk? >> reporter: well, anderson, she talked a little bit. tell you about that in a second. first of all, to set up the scene, the candidates forum in middletown, six candidates here for different races, she was one of them. after it ended we wanted to ask her one very specific question, not about witchcraft, anything like that, but about these financial allegations. now, it's important to ask her that because today a washington watchdog group which investigates politicians just finished investigating charlie rangel said that christine o'donnell is "clearly a criminal and she should be prosecuted because of her spending." so i asked her, can i ask you just one specific question? she said if you're polite and let me shake hands i'll answer the question. but then she wouldn't take my question, she just made a general statement. >> we have been ethical. we have not -- i personally have not misused the campaign funds. we have our f.e.c. lawyer, a great attorney, answering those charges if it ever goes anywhere. >> reporter: well, we
Sep 2, 2010 2:00am EDT
understand you have new information about the actual shooting. >> let's talk about the search first, anderson. as you mentioned, it's still going on. our crews are on the scene there. police are still securing this building, making sure there are no other problems. we did hear a couple of booms a little while ago. we don't know what those are. it would be in keeping with the sort of operation that that might be the destruction of suspicious packages, and there are backpacks as he brought inside. police are quite concerned about that, they made it clear. also, anderson, though, the actual moment in which this man was shot by police has had a little confusion about it. initially, police said one of the hostages tried to move or moved in some fashion and that this man pulled his pistol and pointed it at the hostage. that's when they shot him. a later version of the story from the police said that some of the tactical people around heard some sharp pops like explosions or gunshots and felt they had to move in. that's when they moved in and shot him. it seems like there's simply some confusion ove
Sep 3, 2010 1:00am EDT
knew her and our sincere sympathies to her family and many friends. "ac 360" and anderson cooper is next. anderson? >>> hello, everyone. i'm cnn meteorologist karen mcginnis, we're bringing you the latest information regarding hurricane earl, both at the top and the bottom of every hour. want to update you regarding the latest. this is a category 2 hurricane. from the national hurricane center, we will be receiving another update in approximately one hour. but i'll be back in about 30 minutes just to update you on what's happening. it is now category 2, as i mentioned, we'll be getting another update in an hour. we've had reports of tropical storm force winds on some of these outer banks regions of north carolina. mostly what we've seen are wind gusts approximately 50 to around 70 miles an hour. still, a huge system that is battering the coast. now, the residents of north carolina have not seen a hurricane lash the coast in several years. the last couple years we've seen tropical storms that have affected the coastline of north carolina, but what we're looking at as it makes its
Sep 23, 2010 6:00pm EDT
with the answers that led to the deaths of alley anderson and her two sons. she was able to get her 6-year- old son, 8-year-old son and two month old daughter out and to safety. friends say alley anderson was going through hard times. family and neighbors helped, but they say the electricity had been cut off in the home since monday and the family was using candles. >> fire and police investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, including that the power was shut off at the time. in the meantime, those who live and is a broader struggling with this tragedy, placing tower -- flowers and toys nearby. >> just join my support, basically, that is all you can do. >> there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. >> the community will come together on saturday night to have a vigil here. in the meantime, we know that alley anderson had been trying to get help from a social worker to get her power back on and get helfer from her situation -- and to get help in her situation that her friends have described. with cracks metro -- >> metrorail is safer than it was a year ago. that is what the ntsb told
Sep 20, 2010 6:30pm PDT
that was over a billion dollars. >>anderson: in the last ten years we've grown dramatically because of the ultimate fighting championship. it's really helped popularize the sport a lot. >>reporter: the sport has truly risen from the ashes, 10 years ago, a spectacle that sold itself asa violent, no-holds barred scrap with very few rules had scared off sponsors, broadcasters and legislators. in america, it was banned in 36 states. >>zelaznik: when the company was first launching it was almost a taboo to be associated with the ufc. >>reporter: but close to bankruptcy, from 2001 the ufc began a complete rebranding exercise. extensive rules, weight classes and five round maximum bouts were introduced, and the results have been remarkable >>barry: what....the ufc have done is take it to the next level. tighter regulations. making more unified rules. adapting to each one of the athletic commissions that they deal with. it's become super successful >>reporter: in the sport's heartland, the united states, spike tv, part of the mtv family, relies heavily on the ufc to deliver a lucrative 18 t
Sep 23, 2010 2:00am EDT
. anderson, the issue here is that congressmen are very specifically not supposed to solicit gifts. whether it's an airplane ticket or anything else. that is one of the most clear-cut rules that members of congress have. >> even if it's a gift for somebody else? >> right. because it still benefits you. you -- i could ask somebody to do something that might not be for me, but it's done at the request of a member of congress. that's a solicitation. that's whatnot they're supposed to do. >> what would it say about the congressman if in fact this is true, i mean, that he had this relationship with this businessman? it would be hard to imagine this would be the first time that this person was asked to do something like this, or clearly they must have had a close relationship if this businessman is telling the truth. >> well, the businessman has been a fund-raiser for jesse jackson, he raised money for blagojevich. he raised money for other people in illinois politics. that, by the way, is common. people who are big donors and fund-raisers do it for a lot of people. what is very serious here, and
Sep 15, 2010 1:00am EDT
, supreme court justice steven briar will be here in this studio. time now for "ac 360" and anderson cooper. anderson? >>> this last big primary night is giving us more drama and allow more messages from the tea party to the republican establishment. let's go to the blockbuster you mentioned in delaware. christine o'donnell written off as a french long-shot weeks ago issue republican nominee for senate in the state of delaware for a seat held by joe biden. she is the republican nominee because she defeated the establishment republican candidate. mike castle is a former governor, he yes 1 state-wide 12 times. he lost 47% to christine o'donnell's 53%. can she win in november? and democrats say no way. the general election starts tomorrow. the senate primary, kelly ayotte started out as the establishment favorite, will be all montaigne is a conservative activist and she was the favorite and he is winning at the moment. plus break down the number. another message to the establishment there. 42% for lamont tang, 37% year. close watch this tonight. some big cities to come in. a lot of conservativ
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm EDT
-degree murder charges are just 14 and 16 years old. police say keith anderson, the youngest in the group, had a knife. >> they asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. and one of the suspects pulled out a knife, stabbed him in the chest. >> another suspect told police he asked anderson why he did it. his answer, according to records was, he had change and he should have given it to you. the crime alarming to people who walk near the train station. >> i am shocked. i will not be walking around this area. >> reporter: this attack is very similar to the high- profile murder of a johns hopkins researcher just a few blocks north of this location. >> the death of steve pitcairn, allegedly over the contents of a wallet and an ipod, has made people very cautious. this is a growing concern by police. illustrated by last month's case with arteesha holt. she is accused of killing a man. >> these are 14- to 16-year-old kids that are pulling out knives and attacking people. it's a difficult situation for police to address. but we were in the area and we did take them into cu
Sep 15, 2010 10:00am PDT
of the whitney museum of american art, max anderson. we're delighted to be working with the first amendment center on an exciting and important series of conversations with american artists. with this series, we'll have an opportunity to talk with the people who push the boundaries that society often sets for itself in the arts. our special guest today is an artist who came to prominence in the late 1980s with "fluid abstractions," a series of works that lit a bonfire in the u.s. congress and subsequently was decried and defended worldwide, a man who has continued to explore topics that others may see as off limits, andres serrano. thank you. that had to be a difficult period for you, a piece of art you created that involved a crucifix immersed in your own urine. i've heard observers say that if you did not know the content, you would think it was a very respectful piece of art, respectful towards religion. and yet the controversy surrounding that work led to jesse helms calling you a jerk on the floor of the u.s. congress, and you were-- you were vilified in the political world. what was t
Sep 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
friends. "ac 360" and anderson cooper is next. >>> larry, thank you very much. thanks for joining us, everyone. breaking news if you live from the carolinas to cape cod, stay up with us, the first big hurricane in years to threaten the east coast is getting ready to batter it. hurricane earl, somewhat weaker than it was last night. strong enough to do some damage. close enough to be felt on the outer banks of north carolina. you can see by the surf, 12 feet and rising, according to local reports. the area already under evacuation orders. local station wact reporting that authorities are using a reverse 911 system, calling local homes, warning anyone who answers to leave. covering it all for us, chad myers tracking the storm, rob marciano in kill devil hills, north carolina, and also tonight on cape cod where the storm is expected tomorrow, susan candiotti. a lot of plans for this labor day weekend could be upset. chad myers, where is it? how bad is it? >> it is off the coast of north carolina. it would be almost due east of what we would call morehead city or just a little to the sou
Sep 7, 2010 2:00am EDT
to be ruling on issues that are of great interest to the companies? >> anderson, you know it's not a coincidence, it's not a coincidence at all. what happens is, the company that wants to get in good with somebody who either chairs a committee or is an important player in congress says here is a way that i can make that person identify with me. have a relationship with me. feel that i am somebody that shares their concerns, and when i call on them later, they're going to know me, they're going to know my family. we've built up a relationship over time. and i'm going to ask them to help me, if there's no reason not to, sure, they're glad to come on board, and they're glad to say, you know, you're a friend, how can i do this for you? and it's not insidious in terms of being malevolent, it's way of trying to build that relationship between a member and a funder to the mutual advantage of both. and what's left out is the interests of the citizens. >> it is buying influence? >> it is absolutely buying influence. >> there are direct links between these companies that are donating a
Sep 17, 2010 2:00am EDT
and more that we just told you about. anderson? >> gary, thanks. let's bring in senior political analyst david gergen, political analyst roland martin and ari fleischer, former white house spokesman for president george w. bush. roland, what do you make about this? is this much ado about nothing? the amounts we're talking about that gary was uncovering, those checks written with campaign funds were pretty small amounts. >> three words, integrity credibility and honesty. when have you people in the tea party who are protesting, who are saying the president of the united states and this congress is lying, when they are saying they cannot trust the word that's coming out of elected officials, these are some critical matters. and i think sarah palin is disingenuous and ridiculous to assert you should only talk to fox news and only talk to friendly people. if mcdonnell wants to have the integrity and be a member of the united states senate she should have the guts to stand in front of the media and answer these questions if she has a plausible answer, fine, give it. but stop trying to run fro
Sep 21, 2010 1:00am EDT
diary" a major best seller. barbara walters will be here tomorrow night. right now "ac 360" and anderson cooper. anderson? >>> thanks, larry. thanks for watching. tonight, will christine o'donnell answer the tough questions about her financial history? she didn't this weekend and tonight, gary tuckman tries again. we'll show you what happened and what he uncovered about his spending history. >>> and president obama facing dissolution democrats and challenging the tea party. we'll show you what he said today and talk with our panelists. elliot spitzer, and joe johns. >>> and later, what if you got sick or your child got sick and no doctor knew why? what would you do? 360 md sanjay gupta introduces us to the "the disease detectives," trying to solve med zin's toughest mysteries. this is part one of a week-long series. we begin "keeping them honest" with christine o'donnell and how she spent money. last week after searching, we learned that the nominee from u.s. senator from delaware had checks and expense records that didn't seem to add up, apparently spending campaign money on personal ex
Sep 14, 2010 2:00am EDT
the party? >> anderson, if i may, there are some things in the article that i think are disrespectful and dismissive. the book is "dreams from my father." he said, in fact, david, that he's irish. he said this is an important part of him, the culture. and it's fair to debate that. it needs to be treated respectfully. but i think the other important issue here is that there's a sense that barack obama is not only a citizen of america, but he considers himself as a leader of something larger. that he has a larger world view. some people think that's a great thing because it increases the respect, perhaps, that other people might have for a more broad-minded america in the world. other people think, no, he should cling more to an american exceptionalism that thinks america is unique and different and special because there's no place that values freedom the way we do. >> is it also -- >> but when people are saying that -- >> if we have, as we have had, an irish president, nobody would say the part of him that's irish is somehow alien to america. america is what it is in part because of th
Sep 28, 2010 2:00am EDT
? >> reporter: we know there's announcements on friday, anderson and rahm emanuel has told close friends including paul begallo. and others inside the white house that he's all but certain to run. and you don't announce you're running for mayor of chicago in a press release. you resign and go home to chicago and then you make your announcement there. there are a few things they need to work out but they already have a shell of a campaign team in place and it looks like rahm emanuel will be gone as early as friday. they'll have a interim chief of staff and it looks like we'll have quite an interesting race for the mayor of chicago. >> any idea about who may become permanent chief of staff? >> there's been a lot of speculation about that. some people could be boosted up. a lot of encouragement coming. it's a good questions for the democrats outside the white house, maybe they need new blood. maybe tom daschle. this has been a relatively ancillary group so they expectation is they will pick from within but there's pressure to look outside. some say they wish they could make the decision aft
Sep 1, 2010 1:00am EDT
memphis three. right now "ac 360" and anderson cooper. anderson? >>> thanks for joining us. tonight, president obama declares the combat mission over in iraq. the real question, though, what his direction will be going forward in iraq, afghanistan, of course, here at home. did we get any answers tonight? we'll talk about that with david gergen, peter gergen, fareed zakaria, paul begala, and a lot more. >>> also, growing fear and opposition to a mosque in the buckle of the bible belt, growing fears within the mosque. worshippers now afraid of their neighbors in some cases, and the fear is growing. local muslims getting police protection after an apparent arson attack. we'll ask a leading opponent of the mosque why she thinks her neighbors have been practicing islam in the area for decades should not be allowed to build a new place of worship. we'll hear from a member of the congregation. >>> a late update on earl, still a category 4 monster, heading for the east coast. we could know more about it, when and where it's going to hit, and we'll bring that to you first. >>> but we begin t
Sep 14, 2010 1:00am EDT
on the hollywood walk of fame tomorrow night. and justice steven briar. >>> here's anderson. >>> newt gingrich ignites a uproar saying president obama is a kenyan conman who tricked americans for voting for him and his secret radical agenda. politicians rushing to condemn his remarks? is thinking out of bounds these days? we're keeping them honest with our democrat, paul begala. and michael moore joins us with the imam of the ground zero mosque speaking openly and leaving opened the possibility of moving it, he's raising money. he says he doesn't want it near ground zero he wants it at ground zero. >>> and questions about the gas explosion in california. what did the gas company know about the problem with the pipelines. and we have new incredible video. we begin keeping them honest with a political firestorm begun by newt gingrich, a once and perhaps future presidential candidate, calling the president in so many words, an alien, liar and conman who deceived americans into voting for him. he asked, what if president obama is so outside our comprehension, gingrich told reporters, that only if
Sep 13, 2010 11:00am EDT
anderson infuriated the nixon white house publishing some of the government's most closely-held secrets. new nixon tapes show how president nixon and aides tried to destroy anderson even a plot.ed assassination nbc news national investigative correspondent michael iscoff joins me now. >> there's obsession of nixon and how they tried to discredit and assassinate the journalist receiving them, jack anderson. some details come from the gift that keeps giving, newly unearthed tapes from inside the nixon white house. immediately after pakistan's attack on indiae in december 1971, richard knox exxon vowed neutrality. he was violating a congressional ban secretly arming pakistan, a tilt exposed by a long time nemesis, jack anderson. >> he was like ahad chasing after nixon. this great white whale. he plagued nixon from the very beginning of his career. starting in the early 1950s. >> veteran journalist an former producer mark feldstein's book breaks new ground on the attempts of breaking nixon. it shows the levels of the obsession. >> i would just like to get a hold of this anderson and hang hi
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
their own expenses, or given up precious perks. but in baltimore city, sheriff john anderson continues to rack up thousands of dollars in overtime expenses for his own personal convenience. he keeps a low profile, but unjoe one perk usually attached to only the most most profile positions. jane killer has more. >> martin o'malley has it, so does stephanie rawlings-blake, but john anderson? you can be foregiven for asking who? the baltimore city sheriff isn't exactly a household name or in charge of a state or city. and yet, sheriff anderson provides himself with executive protection, car and drivers for by taxpayers. these pictures were taken recently as anderson was picked up at the mitchell courthouse, the location of the sheriff's office, and escorted away. it's apparently a perk that extends well beyond normal working hours. according to city finance records, two sheriffs have racked up hundreds of hours in controversy time since january of 2008 escorting sheriff anderson. between january 1, 2008, and july 5, 2010, one sergeant has been paid $72,843 in overtime. between january 1,2
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
will be here in this studio. time now for "ac 360" and anderson cooper. anderson cooper. anderson? -- captions by vitac -- >>> thanks for joining us, everyone. breaking news, results coming in and a majorup set already from the last primaries of 2010, a tea party victory that could jeopardize republican chances of winning control of the senate in fall. seven states and the district of columbia holding primaries today. what used to be the final policemen faprelim fair preliminaries, new hampshire, delaware, john king's got an early look at the results. john? >> beginning in delaware, a big tea party upset there, and we're watching, there could be more in the works tonight. christine o'donnell, written off as a fringe tea party candidate, she is your winner tonight for the republican nomination in the state of delaware, and she won convincingly, dae feating a man who won 12 times in delaware, mike castle. only 47% for the establishment candidate, mike cattlstle. christine o'donnell, 53% of the vote, now the republican nominee. tonight, anderson, national republicans tepid about thi
Sep 27, 2010 10:00pm EDT
questions for them, king. "ac 360" and anderson cooper right now. >>> breaking news, president obama's right handyman, chief of staff, rahm emanuel, is stepping down. sources say he's running for the mayor of chicago. we have two great democrats to weigh. >> and winning your vote? >>> which politicians play fast and loose with the facts and how they selectively edit video taip in their commercials. >>> and remember eddy bernice johnson? remember her? she was supposed to steer money to help needy kids go to college. she steers the money into the pockets of her own relatives but then when she talks about it she refuses to take blame and won't say what happened. her story this time is pretty stung. >>> and tonight, a picture of may him in afghanistan with civilians killed for sports. body parts kept as souvenirs and troops in fear for their lives if anyone talked. all of that in the hour ahead. rahm emanuel leaving the without, we have paul begallo and alex costianos. he's advising the gop campaigns and paul advises the democratic campaigns. paul, what about it? rahm emanuel leavi
Sep 4, 2010 1:35am EDT
on the ball. kendell anderson a couple of cut backs. good backing. 15 yards weaving. however, on the next play anderson again seems to be headed for a touchdown but he loses the rock. stone bridge recovers and holds on for a hard fought 7-3 win. in virginia, meanwhile, oakton at madison. fireworks right out of the gate. opening kickoff madison's joe corrigan. he's got it. he don't got it. stripped. oakton recovers. he's gone. 7-0 oakton. jimmy boone a bullet to luke willis. he makes the catch and gets in. oakton rolls 49-21. in the district tonight, power house h.d. woodson taking on collegiate. friendship in blue and gold quarterback martis anderson keeps it himself. eight yards stretches across the line and there would be more from them. here is a little frake screen and the draw. he takes it to the house. friendship led this game 20-0 at one point. woodson with a late score here with a
Sep 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
confirmed to 9 sports that kevin anderson will officially be named athletic director on tuesday. he held the same position at westpoint from 2004 to this year. he will be the first african american ad at college park. now anderson has nearly two decades of leadership experience in athletic administration. serving as associate director at oregon state and cal. he replaces debbie yao who left for nc state in july. anderson will oversee 27 terrapin sports programs. >>> how about college football today? mountaineers opening up against coastal carolina. gino smith getting a start to jd wood on 4th and 4. 7-0 mountaineers. smith said it would be a little anxious today but, he had it rocking out. to jacque sanders, stein yards tore the score. west virginia wins it 31-0 after struggling for most of the day. urban meyer in florida and their first game, att, after tim tebow. what is the best friend of a new quarterback? big ol' tight end john brandtley fines omarus heinz for the score. a little joe montana action going here but that is a gift. chris rainey tipped it 25 yards. florida wins it 24-12
Sep 15, 2010 2:00am EDT
. >> anderson, this last big primary night is giving us a lot of drama and messages from the tea party. the block buster in delaware, christine o'donnell written off as a fringe long shot weeks ago, she is your republican nominee for senate for the seat held by the vice president joe biden for 36 years. she is the republican nominee because she defeated the establishment republican candidate. mike castle, he won statewide 12 times. in a republican primary he lost 47% to christine o'donnell's 53%. can she win in november? democrats say no way. a lot of republicans doubt it. the general election starts tomorrow. the new hampshire primary, kelly ayotte, ovide lamontagne. she was the favorite. he is winning in the moment. another message to the establishment, 42% for lamontagne. this is not over yet. big cities to come in. a lot of conservatives say her support for sonia sotomayor could be a reason her conservative challenger is out pacing her. charlie rangel, 20-team house democrat. he had five challengers. this crowded field could be a factor in the results. let's look at the early numbe
Sep 22, 2010 1:00am EDT
" on friday. >>> anderson cooper and ac 360 is next. anderson? >> larry, thanks so much. barbara, thank you. >>> tonight, christine o'donnell ducking the tough questions but threatening to sue the watchdog group that says she committed campaign finance fraud. she's avoiding our questions but tonight talking to fox. how did her answers stack up against the facts? we're keeping them honest. >>> also tonight what is sarah palin up to? she's released a new ad promoting the tea party but is it the first signal she's planning a presidential run? >>> what if you were sick and no doctor could figure out what was wrong? tonight a seriously ill little girl battling an illness, you'll meet the disease detectives racing the clock to solve her life and death medical mystery. >>> we begin with christine o'donnell who increasingly appears to be trying to run a stealth campaign not answering questions from reporters and today not even telling reporters where her campaign event was taking place. why would she do that? well, take a look. this is what happened last night when our reporter, gary tuchman went t
Sep 8, 2010 2:00am EDT
on to talk about this quite eloquently, an issue of american values. anderson, it would be easy to sit here and say that at every critical moment in america, american values have prevailed. if you look at moments of tension in american history, there has been rival forces. in the 1840s and '50s, an entire political party was built around anti-catholic bias. in the 1930s, we had huge amounts of anti-semitism. in the 1850s, they said that lincoln was catholic. they said that roosevelt was jewish. now here we are in another moment of economic anxiety and we're having sort of an islamic backlash. but i think that what's going on and what's really the opportunity that we have here is that after 9/11, i went and wrote this book on abraham. abdul rauf is quoted in the book. i've done 200 interfaith activities in the decade. and in every single one, people will stand up, often more than one, and say where are the moderate muslims? here is a moderate muslim. the question is, is this moderate voice going to be able to prevail or will we meet extremism with extremism as we heard in the prior segment?
Sep 16, 2010 1:00am EDT
for the hour tomorrow night. time now for "ac 360" and anderson cooper. sfoep. >>> thanks for watching. tonight the explosion, the fire, death and destruction. new evidence it might have been prevented. we've learned a california utility knew a gas pipeline was aging, planned to upgrade a portion of it, even charged their customers to do the work but that work never got done. we're keeping them honest. also tonight, christine o'donnell's stunning upset in delaware's senate race, the tea party's growing power, and why today so many republican party leaders who lined up against her before the primary are now saying they're embracing her. at least in public. congressman ron paul joins us live. >>> and later why pennsylvania's governor is so embarrassed it comes down to this question, how would you feel if you found out government was spying on you, reporting you to local police as a potential threat just because you were taking part in a peaceful protest? it happened in pennsylvania. you won't believe some of the groups that got targeted. environmentalists, gays, lesbians and animal lovers. how it
Sep 17, 2010 1:00am EDT
. hope you enjoyed this hour. tomorrow night's topic is the brain. anderson cooper and "c 360" is next. >>> christine o'donnell raking in $1 million in donations and being advised by sarah palin to talk to only friendly news outlets. tonight why shouldn't those who want to lead us be able to answer tough questions? as karl rove mentions, there's plenty to ask about how she's handling campaign money. >>> also tonight the other big upset winner, carl paladino, is he willing to talk, joining us live tonight, sending out letters to potential voters who literally smell of garbage. who's behind the junk mail, and what's up with the e-mails he used to forward to his friends. we'll talk to him, republican nominee join us. >>> and a shocking story of a home invasion that turned into multiple murder. newly released video of a woman telling a bank teller her family is being held hostage and a short time later she's dead and so are her two daughters. we'll take you into the courtroom. >>> we begin with keeping them honest with the tea party sensation, delaware's gop senatorial nominee christine o'
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